The Cyclops

imagesI could barely get any sleep just thinking of my family back in Ithaca, but I know they’re in good hands. The next island we travel to be no other than the Island of the Cyclopes. The nasty, disgusting, one-eyed monsters that eats almost anything they can get their ginormous hands on. We row more onto the mainland where we spot one of the huge beast resting peacefully in his cave, great. Odysseus took me and the rest of the V.I.P. crew and left the rest of the men to watch over the ship.
Odysseus tries to attempt to get as much food from the cave as possible. Gee, it was A LOT of it too, but no, he wanted to see how was the Cyclops. We felt a great height of terror in our hearts when he asked our purpose for being in his cave. Odysseus tried for convincing words, but the Cyclops would not let us go for the fear of Zeus as he showed no emotion of pity in the world, go figure. I almost thought he was almost reaching his vastly, uncleansed hands for me, but ended getting two other men instead. Oh how gross! The ruthless giant ate both of them! He locks Odysseus, me and the rest of the men up for his human stew for the next day. While the men whined I just fell right into a deep sleep, The King can handle this without us. All of a sudden, I woke up in the hand of the beast. I was going to be his breakfast! I begged and begged for mercy, but that couldn’t save the life of me. I just so happen to squiggle and squirm out of his mouth and ran back inside the cage, so he got another man. I just stayed in there and let Odysseus do his work. He got us out the cage and gathered the flock, we ran for our lives out of the cave as he chased us, blinded. I still had my injuries from him chopping on my abdomen, so I trampled behind. He was so close behind me for I could feel his fiery breath on the back of my neck, but I didn’t want to look back. Everyone else was on the ship and rowed away, so I was left with the beast. I attempt to put up a fight by moving swiftly away from his feet. I hid in the trees outside the cave, but got paranoid because now I didn’t know where he was. I turned around and there he was trying hard to grab for me, for he still could not see. Trying to run past him, I felt a shadow casting over me. Splat! I felt my body crushed in little pieces and now he knew where I was and scooped me from the ground and shoved me whole into his mouth so I wouldn’t have a chance to get out and I slowly dissolve in his stomach acid to my death.


The Lotus Eaters

Ah, and just when I thought that things couldn’t get any worse, it did. The power of Zeus’s winds swept us to another island of the Lotus Eaters. Odysseus was going to pick three of his trusted men to go check out what was on the island. Knowing that he was probably going to pick me, I quickly moved to the back of the ship. I was still suffering from a small case of post traumatic stress from the war, but the nurse of the crew was very benevolent and help soothe my nerves. The men went onto the island, but we didn’t hear anything from them for a while, maybe not for a few hours. The King got impatient long enough and went to find the men he sent.

Well, good thing I did hide! He found them hooked on the Lotus plant, which makes them lose all hope for reaching homeland makes them want to stay on the island for more. Is this some kind of trickery Poseidon has played on our men!?!? He made the rest of us stay on the ship and Odysseus dragged them back on. Such irony how they want to go back and eat some more, so much that they will lose their whole brain! Odysseus was not pleased at all.

Island of Cicones

We arrived on the Island of Cicones. We had permission from the King to take whatever we needed and come back to the ship. I came back immediately after he did and thought the guys were behind us. A few more boys came, but the rest were still on the island! I yelled out for them to come back and join us, but they were as stubborn as a bunch of mules. A group of greedy soldiers who acted as they haven’t seen food for years!

They finally hurried up to the ship, but it was too late when the people of the Cicones attacked; a fight they tried to put up, but were not successful. There were too many of their soldiers attacking. We did manage to get the rest of the guys who did survive. In all, six benches were left on each ship, but I’m hoping nothing like what just took place will ever occur ever again. There are fewer soldiers on the ships than ever and it feels like a ghost town…….or ghost ship. I’m hoping that we can get back home quicker with no more blockades in the way, or am I just setting a jinx?